Compelling New Solutions for your Pharmacy

Compelling New Solutions for your Pharmacy

We have invested heavily in new product development over the last few years here at Cegedim Rx. This year, as we celebrate our 25th year in the United Kingdom, we’re excited to bring to market a number of compelling new solutions…

Perhaps the most exciting? Our ‘Healthi’ brand, which we feel represents the future of Pharmacy IT. It’s the flagship brand for Cegedim Rx underpinned by a core value set which is focussed on delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency in Pharmacy workflows and enable integration with third party services to support the NHS vision of Pharmacy being at the very heart of community care.

The first product in our Healthi portfolio, Healthi Services was launched back in 2016. Healthi Services is an online clinical service delivery platform which enables pharmacies to efficiently deliver services such as NMS, MUR, NHS and Private Flu Vac, while benefiting from a centralised single patient view. It’s helping pharmacies across the UK maximise their clinical service delivery and secure additional revenue, all while delivering an enhanced patient experience.

This year we are excited to launch our Healthi Connect and Healthi Plus offerings too.

Healthi Connect sits at the core of our solution set. It is our interoperability gateway which supports and enables connectivity for patients and third parties throughout the wider health and social care systems. Whether you want to download electronic prescriptions, work with an automation partner for robotic dispensing or engage with your patients about their repeat prescription needs, Healthi Connect enables this entirely seamlessly. We’ve made a multi-million pound investment into Connect, making it the most resilient and reliable solution available, with UK-based dual data centres offering fail safe back ups and guaranteed business continuity in the event of an emergency.

Healthi Plus is our new partner programme designed to bring you a range of exciting and unique products and services to help enhance your overall business proposition. From patient facing apps and services to digital point of sale displays there’s bound to be something in our Healthi Plus portfolio to get you thinking outside of the box for ways in which you can enhance and make your Pharmacy stand out.

You can keep up to date with all the latest news on Healthi by following us on Twitter.

About us

Cegedim Rx is a part of the wider Cegedim Group. Cegedim employs over 4,200 people, working across ten countries. Last year we generated a total revenue of more than €457 million. We're an innovative technology and services company that specialise in the field of digital data flow management for healthcare ecosystems and B2B businesses. We're also a cutting edge business software publisher for professionals in the healthcare industry.

We're respected suppliers and innovators of healthcare technology, as well as a company that specialises in providing complete end-to-end IT solutions, as well as industry-focused data and information services to our clients.

We lead the market and we're determined to continue to do so while hitting our three main goals:

- To create smart new solutions that exactly match our customers’ needs, while improving healthcare provisions all round.

- To provide a unique customer experience that is at the heart and soul of everything we say and do as a business.

- To create and promote a collaborative, open and really energised workplace culture that does the best it can every day, while fully embracing change and nurturing innovation.


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