More than just a service desk

More than just a service desk

Here at Cegedim Rx we're taking part in a huge drive that's happening within the IT Service Support Industry to help shift the focus of service teams towards delivering a really personable customer experience.

That’s why our teams have been restructured - to make sure that you receive the very best level of support every single time you call. That's also why we're now GOLD Members of the Service Desk Institute. Our SDI membership allows us to share good practice and standards with other service desks and learn about new ways to improve our service. We’re constantly evolving.

More than just a service desk

Our service desk team members do everything they possibly can to help you out by taking real ownership of your query from open to close. They’re fully equipped in providing short training sessions over the phone and consultancy services to ensure that you get the best from your IT system.  

We have three separate and entirely individual teams in place for each of our three core products. As well as supporting our core software, we also support the hardware. We even look after EPS and N3 issues.

We’ve created such an engaging and supportive environment for our service desk analysts that we’re proud to boast an exceptionally high level of staff retention, which in turn allows us to build on our experience and capability for delivering continued improvements to Cegedim Rx.

About us

Cegedim Rx is a part of the wider Cegedim Group. Cegedim employs over 4,200 people, working across ten countries. Last year we generated a total revenue of more than €457 million. We're an innovative technology and services company that specialise in the field of digital data flow management for healthcare ecosystems and B2B businesses. We're also a cutting edge business software publisher for professionals in the healthcare industry.

We're respected suppliers and innovators of healthcare technology, as well as a company that specialises in providing complete end-to-end IT solutions, and industry-focused data and information services to our clients.

We lead the market and we're determined to continue to do so while hitting our three main goals:
- To create smart new solutions that exactly match our customers’ needs, while improving healthcare provisions all round.

- To provide a unique customer experience that is at the heart and soul of everything we say and do as a business.

- To create and promote a collaborative, open and really energised workplace culture that does the best it can every day, while fully embracing change and nurturing innovation.

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