Cegedim Rx's new eCDR makes controlled drug dispensing safer and faster

Cegedim Rx's new eCDR makes controlled drug dispensing safer and faster

The imminent activation of electronic controlled drug prescriptions in England will result in a significant increase in EPS traffic. With this in mind, Cegedim Rx have introduced a fully integrated electronic CD register (eCDR) in their latest release of Pharmacy Manager 10.4.2.

Controlled drug entries will be made in the register as part of the dispensing process, reducing the possibility of errors/omissions and saving precious time. In addition, you will have comprehensive auditing tools and your eCDR can be backed up both on and off-site for additional data security.

To further support the dispensing of controlled drugs by EPS, Cegedim Rx has introduced item level expiry, so that mixed EPS prescriptions containing both standard prescribed medication and controlled drugs will be managed at individual drug level making processing and claiming simpler and more straightforward.

This new functionality will help pharmacists save precious time by dramatically reducing the level of manual processing currently required during the dispensing of controlled drugs and claiming processes. It also promotes clinical safety benefits by reducing the possibility of errors and omissions.

Cegedim Rx has been working closely with customers to deliver a number of new and improved functions in its Pharmacy Manager PMR.

Cegedim Rx has delivered a number of efficiency improvements recently to their Pharmacy Manager PMR to help simplify and speed up processes that pharmacists have fed back as time-consuming. An example of this is the endorsing functionality that now allows users to amend an endorsement after it has been printed. In addition, an integrated electronic CD register will provide significant time savings for those sites dispensing substantial numbers of CDs, particularly methadone services.

Martin Jones, Product Manager at Cegedim Rx explains, “Users have previously had to manually record the dispensing of controlled drugs and search for, find and edit a prescription to allow them to re-endorse. We understand this is considerably time consuming. Now customers can record controlled drugs electronically within the PMR, and simply scan a prescription to enter the endorsement options. These improved efficiencies are saving pharmacies an incredible amount of time which can now be better spent on service delivery and patient engagement.”

Martin concludes, “Our vision is clear, we want to work with customers to deliver products and solutions that precisely match their needs, but that also expedite improvements in care and outcomes. This starts with innovating our Pharmacy Manager PMR and we are fast delivering new and improved functionality to achieve this.”

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